Peter Kaldor - Composer



Peter Kaldor is a composer of music for television and film. Pete has scored music for productions featuring a wide range of performers, from Steve Irwin to Russell Crowe.


Pete’s musical background is a broad one. He has a degree in music composition (UWA) and performance (flute), and has worked in rock and pop bands as a bass guitarist, songwriter and saxophonist. He has also studied and performed in more esoteric musical genres, from bluegrass to the gamelan music of Java. Many of these influences have found expression in Pete’s highly eclectic compositional style


Peter’s many documentary credits include ‘The Liners’, ‘100 Years- The Australian Story’, ‘The Liberals’, and ‘The Human Journey’. Recent work includes the SBS series ‘Taxi School’, and contributions to ‘The Chaser’. He has been awarded by the Australian Guild of Screen Composers for his documentary work.